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    Ah, college. The time in a young man or woman's life where they learn about their chosen line of work, build a network of friends and future colleagues, even perhaps meet that "better half" they'll spend the rest of their lives with. Or it's the time when a young man or woman can spiral out of control with booze and drugs, free from parental reins, and end up back home with their proverbial tail between their legs one year later, or less. The author, Brian Gallagher, has seen both happen, because he took a rather scenic route through higher education.

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    Doing Time In Hollywood... On Sale Now...

    With every Hollywood endeavor, whether it be a big-budget blockbuster, or an up and coming indie, there are hundreds of people involved that help bring it to life… but no one is treated worse than the writer. Just kidding… the only people treated worse are the journalists and critics assigned to cover it all. Kidding aside, there aren’t many who are crazy/stupid enough to try and do both at the same time. Except for Brian Gallagher.

Brian Gallagher


Hello! My name is Brian Gallagher and I'm an online movie journalist/movie critic/interviewer for hire (Currently: The Daily Mail, Screen Rant, IGN; Formerly: 10+ years for MovieWeb.com and TVWeb.com). In my spare time I also write my own movie and TV scripts, which I am sharing on this website. I also wrote a non-fiction book about my decade in Los Angeles, entitled Doing Time in Hollywood, which is currently available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats (audiobook and podcast coming soon). Thanks for stopping by!

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BG's Slightly Insane Writing Plan 2020


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May 1, 2020
An Open Letter to Kevin Smith... on providing some unique inspiration for my first novel, Troll Hunters

Dear Kevin Smith, My name is Brian Gallagher, and I'm an entertainment journalist by trade and a screenwriter and author by passion. We have crossed paths briefly a handful of times in my 12 years in Los Angeles, none of which I'd possibly expect you to remember. Once was exchanging waves outside of the Arclight […]

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